JPL - Release Notes - 3.0.2

Changes within the distribution

New classes folder

The root directory of the distribution now contains a classes folder, holding copies of the jpl.* and jpl.fli.* class files

New demo

In demo/FamilyMT is a new variant of the Family demo which exercises multiple Prolog engines (from a shared pool) called by multiple Java threads.

C library changes

Lots of refactoring and tidying in preparation for porting (to Linux+gcc initially).

Added Prolog “foreign” functions jpl_c_lib_version/1 and jpl_c_lib_version/4 for making library version identification available to Prolog.

Added Java “native” method get_string_chars(), needed if Prolog returns a string to Java (which it does sometime even if you don’t want it to).

Commented out various unused functions.

Added Java “native” method action_abort() but it doesn’t work yet…

Added support for new jpl.JRef type.

Java API changes

Altered the semantics of Variable to be a purely lexical entity; a Variable instance should be created with a name which is valid in Prolog source syntax; the argumentless Variable() constructor is currently deprecated and constructs a variable with a “new” name in the sequence “_1”, “_2” etc. so as not to completely break older programs

Bindings from successful calls are now keyed by the names of the variables, rather than by Variable objects themselves; this is part of a revamp to allow goals to be defined by source text fragments.

Implemented the following methods for all Term subclasses (to simplify coding of term checking and traversal etc.):

Altered these methods for all Term subclasses:

Paul Singleton

Sunday 22nd February 2004

JPL - Release Notes - 3.0.2